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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


One last mixtape for the homie JLO. This one has a little bit more of the classic Northern Soul sound. Another batch of Bay Area Soul, and equal amount of Chicago Soul and a few other things thrown in. Again this one is in the mixtape vein which means all tracks are jammed into just one mp3.

1. The Quintessents - Movin' On (Vibra)
2. Claude "Baby" Huey - Drifting (M.I.O.B.)
3. The Four Sonics Plus One - Tell Me You're Mine (Sepia)
4. The Invincibles - It's That Love Of Mine (WB)
5. Othello Robertson - So In Luv (Baby Luv)
6. Ethics - Look At Me Now (Vent)
7. The Ballads - I Can't See Your Love (Wee)
8. Bobby McNutt - I'm Gettin' Ready (Roulette)
9. Wilson Love - Funny Money (Natural Soul)
10. The Topics - Try A Little Love (Heavy Duty)
11. Royal Jesters - My Kind Of Woman (Optimum)
12. Bobby Sansom - Don't Leave (Sublime)
13. Cicero Blake - You're Gonna Be Sorry (Mar-V-Lus)
14. Billy McGregor - Mr. Shy (Flash)
15. Tenison Stephens - Where Would You Be (Aries)
16. The Brother's Two - Hoping (Jonah)
17. Brothers Of Soul - Come On Back (Boo)
18. The Cheers - Take Me To Paradise (Okeh)
19. Chi-Lites - The Twelfth Of Never (Brunswick)

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