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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The OLD and The NEW

Out of the blue, the blog was restored to the original owners and an old backup was made available, containing original posts from Tomorrow's Velvet Dreamz, The Keeper Of Lost Dreamz, and Underground Soul 4 Life. We are grateful for such unexpected gifts. But time does not stand still and in the meantime  replacement blogs have been established, so we will just leave this archive in the blogosphere for old friends to visit on a nostalgia trip or new souldie lovers to stumble across and maybe discover a treasure trove of the music they love. The links are the original ones and may well be no longer valid - we are not in a position to check them out or to re-create new ones if they no longer work - sorry about that !

You will find more of this kind of music at the following sites - please call in !

We would appreciate if you would leave a comment, especially if this site is new to you !


  1. Thanks for the props, torreseddie75 ! Sorry, I'm not in a position to update any links that are no longer valid - if they work, they work; if they don't, they don't. Keep trying them out though .... I hope you get hold of something of interest.

  2. all good, lots of great rare soul. Thanks

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