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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Volume two for the homeboy JLO. Again this is one is in straight mixtape mp3 for all of the tracks. This comp starts off with a little bit of the street-wise funky edge and mellows out towards the end with a little bit of that laid back feel.

1. H. Andrews Congregation - Chitlin Circuit (Balance)
2. Lenny Williams - I Couldn't Find Nobody (Fantasy)
3. Carl Robinson & Kali - Front Row Seat (Sunset)
4. Roland Hayes - Africa The Beautiful (Reynolds)
5. Victor Green - How To Love A Woman (Big Vick)
6. Delilah - A Worried Feelin (Shirley)
7. 9th Creation - Skin It Back (Clarama)
8. Coke Escovedo (feat. Linda Tillery) - Make It Sweet (Mercury)
9. Marlon - Cruisin (First Productions)
10. Jeanie Tracy - Making New Friends (Brown Door)
11. Skye - Ain't No Need (Anada)
12. Silk & Satin - You Got To Be The One (Hamilton)
13. Uptights Band - Mirrors Don't Ever Lie (Uptight)
14. Steve Parks - Still Thinking Of You (Reynolds)
15. Abraham Battat - Listen Baby (Magnum)

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