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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This post is for a request made by JLO. No history lesson to go with this one ...........this is just a back in the day gang of soul from The Big Bad Bay Area. This is in straight mixtape fashion so itz just one big mp3 track.

1. Little Ronnie & The Chromatics- What A Day This Has Been (HLS)
2. Marvin Holmes - Early Bird (Salwa)
3. Wylie Trass & Soul Explosion - Since You Been Gone (Pashlo)
4. Camille La Vah - O Johnny (Wax)
5. Whispers - Great Day (Soul Clock)
6. The Natural Four - Going In Circles (ABC)
7. Burton & Company - Peaceful Coexistance (MoLove)
8. Soul Sensations - When I Had You, Baby (Music City)
9. Sonny Anderson & Prince Conley - Love & Laughter (Emerson)
10. Eugene Blacknell - The Trip (Boola Boola)
11. Dawn & Sunset - What It Is (DT&V)
12. Quintessents - Image Of A Man (Vibra)
13. The Right Kind - Why Do You Have To Lie (Galaxy)
14. Victor Green - Poincianna (Circle M)
15. Emmett Kennedy & The Burners - I Got It Real Bad (CLIMS)
16. The Magicians - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (Villa)
17. The Inticers - Since You Left (reissue)
18. The Savonics - I Had A Girl (MTA)
19. Little Ronnie & The Chromatics - Speak What's On Your Mind (HLS)

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