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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sad Fool Vol.1 - Later Baby


Here’s another fix for the soul junkies out there, courtesy of G-MAN & myself. A nice balance of souldies, up tempo soul and a few doo woppers in this comp. Setting off the comp are The Rollettes with “Sad Fool” on Track 1. I can’t get enough of that girl group sound…such a firme rola. Also check out Track 6 by The Channells. Some might not like that doo wop sound…but me personally, this rola is dope! Cop this comp and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed…and if you are…then be happy you didn’t pay for this…lol……ENJOY!!

1. Sad Fool – The Rollettes
2. I’ll Make It Up To You – Mary Holmes
3. I Can’t Get Used To Sharing You – The Platters
4. Give It Up – Benny Johnson
5. I’m A Man – The Carltons
6. You Hurt Me(Over Again) - The Channells
7. It’s Okay With Me – Larry Wright
8. Moon Out There – The Puffs
9. Holdin’ On – R.B. Hudmon
10. You Won’t Support Me – Mill Street Depo
11. Sweet Dream – The Blade Family
12. What You Don’t Want Me To Be – Lee Moses
13. Right Or Wrong – Westbound Freeway
14. Let’s Make Love – The Escorts
15. My Summer Love – Fifth Page
16. Cathy Called – Eddie Holman
17. Send Him To Me – Barbara Brown
18. Later For You Baby – Marva Josie

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